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Tips for selling your house

If you are thinking about selling your house then preparing it for potential viewings can be stressful. Our top tips for selling your house can help your property to sell faster and can even add value.


Let potential buyers appreciate the space your house has to offer.

Get rid of all the excess ‘stuff’, all the bits and bobs you have tucked away in the corner or laying on the side. Take them away, throw them away if necessary, box it up and put it in the loft, just make sure that it is out of sight.

Let potential buyers see what storage space is available.

Storage is important to a lot of buyers so take out half of the clothes in your wardrobe (if you plan to leave it behind or have built in cupboards) so they can see what space they could use.


What is the most valuable room in your house? – The kitchen!

Show them the space available.

Dclutter the sides, remove bulky appliances from view and just leave a fruit bowl on the side.

Blank canvas your cupboards.

If your kitchen cupboards are dated, this can really set back the selling price. If you can afford to update them go for a neutral colour so that the buyers can imagine how they would like it. If you can not afford to update them for new re-facing them is a cheaper alternative, again stick to neutral colours.


Get rid of bad smells.

Fix the drains, clean the bins and open the windows to air your house.

Smokers – Vinegar is your answer.
To neutralise cigarette smells place bowls of vinegar around your home for three days, when you open the windows the fresh air will take the cigarette (and vinegar) smell away with it.

Good Smells – just as important as the bad ones.
Creating some good smells around your home can be just as important as getting rid of the bad ones when selling your home. Baked cakes or freshly brewed coffee both create warm, enticing smells.


Let in the light.
Make sure the windows are clean both inside and out, they let in the light and making sure that your house feels light and airy gives smaller rooms a much larger feel to them.

Don’t hide the dark corners – brighten them.
If you have any small, dark corners, brighten them up by switching on a lamp.

Fix & Freshen!

Freshen up the walls and woodwork.
Give your potential buyers a blank canvas – a fresh lick of neutral colour paint to the walls can help make a room feel bigger and brighter.

First impressions count.
Your front door is the first thing your potential buyers are going to see. Make sure they have a good first impression of your house by giving your front door a coat of paint and a new lease of life.
Spick and Span.

Clean everything, carpets, floors, tiles, grouting etc until they gleam. (This also helps with the good smells)

If you have read through our tips on selling your home and would like to know more or book a FREE Valuation then please contact Yescando Property.

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