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August 25, 2015
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Tips for selling your house for the most money and as fast as possible

No doubt about it, selling your home can be a stressful business. Once you’ve decided to sell, you’ll probably want to sell your house for the most money and as fast as possible – now the pressure increases! To help you work through this journey, we’ve produced this list of our four top tips for selling your house for the most money and as fast as possible.

1. Photographs

Top Tip number one: really think about quality photographs of the best angles of your house and the rooms inside. The first place many prospective buyers will see your property these days is online. Something you need to really think about is: are people really going to take the time to read the full details on every property that vaguely fits their specifications? Absolutely not! Photographs, especially the main photograph is the first thing a potential purchaser will see on the property websites.

Have a look at the photographs your agent is using to market their other properties – are they the type of photographs that might make you want to view that property? Make sure your agent is good with their camera or uses a professional to take the photos that will get you viewings and potentially sell your house!

2. Curb Appeal

So, someone has liked your main photograph and property description enough to come and see your property. Great, first step complete!

Now you need to think about the first things that they will see when they approach your property? There isn’t much you can really do about how your neighbours keep their property, but it wouldn’t hurt to pick up the odd piece of rubbish on the floor. A potential buyer will stand outside of your house and make their first impressions, they might even subconsciously decide whether to buy your property or not from this! Think about what a potential purchaser will notice. Clean the windows or get someone to do this for you. Clean and tidy the front garden or yard area. If they have to walk past a dirty mess before they even step foot in your house they may be put off purchasing then and there.

3. De-personalise

We are all very proud of our children/grand children/dogs, but a house full to the brim with photographs, children’s art and mementos is not going to sell a property. Even if you live in a tiny house, prospective purchasers will want to feel that they are buying as much space as possible for their money. Trying to get value for money isn’t limited to the supermarket! If you don’t have the storage space to match your personal items, consider boxing it up and storing in a garage or at a neighbour or friend’s house during the viewing. People want to be able to imagine where their personal belongings will fit in. If you are selling a family-sized house, many people might be thinking about where to put their Christmas tree! For £20 you can buy an ornamental green plant that you could position somewhere a Christmas tree might go – helping your potential purchasers to imagine the scenario. What a brilliant tip, not only for a quick sale but will also to achieve as much money for your house as you can.

4. Upgrades & Improvements

Our final tip for selling your house for the most money and as fast as possible is to think about upgrades and improvements. People love to see good quality kitchens and bathrooms when they are looking to buy a new home. These are the expensive things to change. If your kitchen and bathroom are of a decent quality or modern specification, leave them alone! Your purchaser won’t need to change anything. If your rooms are not the best quality around, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you should rush out and replace everything. £30,000 spent on a £200,000 house does not mean that it would then be worth £230,000! There are some very simple things you can do to give your cupboards and fittings a lift. Think about giving everything a really good clean. If the materials will take it, a fresh coat of paint will make those chipped kitchen cabinets look so much better.

These are our four top tips for selling your house for the most money and as fast as possible.

Here at YesCanDo Property, we are always happy to advise on any changes that would increase the value of your home and help you to sell your house for the most money – just ask us!

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